• Sustainable solution to OASI/AHV/AVS and health insurance options

  • E-Voting and E-Documents for Swiss abroad

  • Representation of Swiss abroad in the parliament

  • Strong post-Brexit agreements

  • Centralised information database available for new Swiss citizens in the UK

  • Reasonable banking fees for Swiss abroad

  • Active exchange with the Swiss community (online & offline!) through regular meetings, FB groups, societies and the Swiss embassy

  • Encourage younger Swiss citizens to participate in community life


Social security

Since Brexit, only Swiss citizens who moved to the UK after January 1st, 2021 have the option to pay into the voluntary OASI/AHV/AVS. This is unfair and should be accessible to all Swiss living in the UK. 

In addition, a sustainable solution to retrospectively compensate for gaps in pension contribution payments should be found. 


E-Voting & E-Docs

How do you feel about the grey envelope? E-voting still has a long way to go to be successfully implemented. Why does the private sector manage to create safe environments, think of e-banking?

Working in the technology sector, I stand for a stronger digitalisation, the introduction of e-documents and e-voting for all Swiss abroad!


Representation in the Swiss parliament

11% of Swiss citizen live abroad. Decisions made in Swiss politics often affect us too but we only have limited opportunity to contribute. 

I believe we should work towards a durable solution where Swiss abroad can run for a number of reserved seats in the national assembly. A Swiss living abroad can bring valuable experience and views to decisions and debates made in Bern.


Strong post-Brexit agreements

As Swiss we all know that bilateral agreements are not done overnight. The comprehensive framework agreement (Rahmenabkommen, accord cadre) between the EU and Switzerland started in 2014 and is still ongoing. 

Brexit represents an immense challenge and it is more than ever crucial to build strong relationships between Switzerland and the UK. Not only in politics, but also in business, the arts, education and other sections. As an entrepreneur, I also believe that we should increase the relationships with young businesses.


Centralised information database

We all have different reasons for having moved to the UK. Some for their studies, other for work or family. Moving abroad is stressful, plus valuable information is scattered and often hard to find. Just think of the wealth of information we have on our Facebook groups and the issue with structuring all the data to make it more accessible. Just as an example, there is a Swiss International health insurance plan (by CSS) that allows you to be covered abroad and guarantees the option of a private health plan when moving back to Switzerland without a health test. I believe many people would have benefitted from this offer if they knew that it had to be contracted before departure. 

My work addresses the optimisation of data and digital communication. I believe a centralised source of information for anyone who intends to or does move to the UK could be immensely beneficial. This could be as simple as a website with the latest information on Brexit, checklists to do before departure and at arrival and links to the different societies, Facebook groups, and authorities.


Reasonable banking fees

Swiss abroad still pay exorbitant banking fees if they decide to keep a Swiss bank account. This is unacceptable in a more and more digitalised society. We do not represent a significant cost to banks.

The network of existing banking partners, such as the Banque cantonale de Genève, should be extended in order to offer us banking conditions similar to our peers living in Switzerland.


Active exchange with the Swiss community

The Swiss community has an excellent network of online and offline groups, such as Facebook groups, societies, and clubs. I will make sure that the interests of both, virtual and traditional Swiss communities in the UK are well represented. An active engagement will ensure that I'm familiar and up to date with the important and relevant challenges we face as Swiss abroad. I will organise regular meetings where you will be able to contribute, and will actively use our Facebook groups and my engagements in various Swiss societies to ensure that you are well represented. I would also like to encourage younger Swiss citizens to participate in and contribute to our community life!